Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cambodian Association of New York - Message from Bong Supharidh Hy

Hi folks,
I'm sorry for the delay as I was swamped with hundred little things that consumed more times than I had budgeted.

As a start, here are my thoughts that I develop on the basis of our last discussion for the planned NYCCAA: New York City Cambodian-Americans Association. Please do the surgery to the draft according to your own and personal perception; nothing is cast in stone. We'll compare notes at the next meeting.

- To cement relationship between Cambodian-Americans in NYC to an active group so that it can participate on a larger stage/platform of any political/social/cultural debates, discussions and activities;
- To enable Cambodian-Americans to speak in a unified voice on issues and questions that are related to Cambodia and Cambodian-Americans, both in the US and in Cambodia.

- To gather Cambodian-Americans residing in NYC into a legally established association;
- To create a spirit of community of Cambodian-Americans and a bond among registered members;
- To build a representability model on behalf of Cambodian-Americans in NYC;
- To interact with other Cambodian or Cambodian-American associations/societies/groups/committees in the US and in Cambodia;
- To provide suggestions on issues encountered by members of the Cambodian-American community seeking consultation/advice/guidance.

Starting Actions/Activities:
- Creating a consensus among founders/initiators on the fundamentals of the association;
- Defining steps towards the concretization of NYCCAA;
- Designing a working modality.

- Cambodian-Americans residing in NYC;
- Any other person not residing in NYC who wishes to join.